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Connie and Friend

Connie is a writer, speaker, and counselor who specializes in crisis support and working with seniors as they age in place.

She is also a Star in the Zona Rosa, a series of writing-and-sisterhood workshops founded by her friend and mentor, the nationally acclaimed author Rosemary Daniell.

Connie holds an M.F.A. in poetry, an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in literature and women's studies. She is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of her novella, ORCHIDS DON'T A GENTLEMAN MAKE, in 2015. Stay tuned for exact publication date and book tour information!

Her poems have appeared in Kalliope, Hurricane Review, Mad Poets Review, Concrete Wolf, The Griffin, Wild Plum and other literary magazines. Her short story, "Coconut Milk," adapted from her novel manuscript featuring an American heroine's adventures in Malaysia, has appeared in Pearl magazine, and another short story, "Krishna's Cat," won her a scholarship to DISQUIET: An International Literary Program sponsored by Dzanc Books in 2012.

Dissertation: Voyages and Voyeurs: A Language of the Interior in the Journals of Anais Nin and Rosemary Daniell (2004).

Essay: "Two Cups Orgasm, A Measure of Taboo." in Desire: Women Write About Wanting Seal Press, November 2007.